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Dell Kensington 461-10169 Clicksafe Notebook Lock - KIT

Dell - Dell Kensington Clicksafe Notebook Lock - KIT Latitude { Compatible with - Lat E5430 / Lat E5530 / Lat E6230 / Lat E6330 / Lat E6430 / Lat E6530 / Lat6320 / Lat6520 / Lat6420 / XPS13 }
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Dell Kensington 461-10169 Clicksafe Notebook Lock - KIT

Dell Kensington Clicksafe Notebook Lock - KIT Latitude { Compatible with - Lat E5430 / Lat E5530 / Lat E6230 / Lat E6330 / Lat E6430 / Lat E6530 / Lat6320 / Lat6520 / Lat6420 / XPS13 }


The Kensington ClickSafe lock is designed for effortless protection of computers and your most important data. It attaches to hardware in a single step. Just one click and it's safe. There's no need to insert a key or follow multiple steps to lock your hardware. ClickSafe combines a cable made from superior materials with a tamper-proof disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock.


Improve office security
Simplify office technology security with the Kensington ClickSafe Lock, which combines a cable and a tamperproof, disc-style lock. Because ClickSafe locks attach to hardware in a single step, employee compliance will increase. This lock comes with two keys.

Protect hardware and data
Whether you're a small business owner, an office manager or an IT worker, you need to protect your electronic assets. Kensington locks, such as the ClickSafe, protect more than just your hardware--they safeguard your business and personal data.

Simple and secure
The ClickSafe is easy to use and provides a high level of security against equipment and data theft. It locks with a simple click--no keys, codes or complicated manoeuvres are required.

Strong high-carbon steel cable
The lock boasts the strongest physical security currently on the market with a thick high-carbon steel cable and all-metal lockhead. The ClickSafe has undergone rigorous real-world testing against corrosion and tampering and is designed to last in excess of 10,000 key turns.

Pivoting lockhead for flexible installation
The lock protects office technology by attaching to a Kensington security anchor installed in the Kensington security slot found in 99 per cent of laptops. For flexibility and convenience, the lockhead pivots 180 degrees and rotates a full 360 degrees around the cable.

Low-profile design
You can use this lock with any size or style of laptop. It features a low-profile lockhead that won't interfere with even the thinnest notebooks. The included rubber cable tie simplifies storage and cable management.

Includes two keys
This system comes with two keys, each stamped with a unique code that can be registered online for quick, free replacement.

This product is compatible with the following systems

  • Alienware M14x
  • Alienware M17x
  • Alienware M18x
  • Inspiron 1120
  • Inspiron 1200
  • Inspiron 1300
  • Inspiron 13R (N3010)
  • Inspiron 14 (1440)
  • Inspiron 1501
  • Inspiron 1520
  • Inspiron 1521
  • Inspiron 1525
  • Inspiron 1526
  • Inspiron 15R (5520)
  • Inspiron 1720
  • Inspiron 1721
  • Inspiron 17R (5720)
  • Inspiron 2200
  • Inspiron 630m
  • Inspiron 6400
  • Inspiron 640m
  • Inspiron 9300
  • Inspiron 9400
  • Latitude 100L
  • Latitude 110L
  • Latitude 120L
  • Latitude 131L
  • Latitude 2100
  • Latitude 2110
  • Latitude 6430u
  • Latitude C400
  • Latitude C510
  • Latitude C540
  • Latitude C610
  • Latitude C640
  • Latitude C840
  • Latitude D400
  • Latitude D410
  • Latitude D420
  • Latitude D430
  • Latitude D500
  • Latitude D505
  • Latitude D510
  • Latitude D520
  • Latitude D530
  • Latitude D531
  • Latitude D600
  • Latitude D610
  • Latitude D620
  • Latitude D620 ATG
  • Latitude D630 ATG
  • Latitude D630c
  • Latitude D631
  • Latitude D800
  • Latitude D810 (Integrated Graphics)
  • Latitude D820
  • Latitude D830
  • Latitude E4200
  • Latitude E4300
  • Latitude E5400
  • Latitude E5430
  • Latitude E5500
  • Latitude E5510
  • Latitude E5530
  • Latitude E6230
  • Latitude E6330
  • Latitude E6400
  • Latitude E6400 ATG
  • Latitude E6410
  • Latitude E6410 ATG
  • Latitude E6420 XFR
  • Latitude E6430
  • Latitude E6430 ATG
  • Latitude E6430s
  • Latitude E6500
  • Latitude E6530
  • Latitude L400
  • Latitude LS
  • Latitude ST
  • Latitude X1
  • Latitude X300
  • Latitude XT2
  • Latitude XT3
  • Precision M20
  • Precision M2300
  • Precision M2400
  • Precision M4300
  • Precision M4400
  • Precision M4500
  • Precision M4700
  • Precision M50
  • Precision M60
  • Precision M6300
  • Precision M65
  • Precision M6500
  • Precision M6700
  • Precision M70
  • Precision M90
  • Precision Workstation 370 DT
  • Precision WorkStation 380
  • Precision Workstation 390
  • Precision Workstation 470
  • Precision Workstation 490
  • Precision Workstation 690 MT
  • Precision Workstation R5400
  • Precision Workstation T1500
  • Precision Workstation T3400
  • Precision Workstation T5400
  • Precision Workstation T5500
  • Precision Workstation T7400
  • Precision Workstation T7500
  • Studio 15 (1535)
  • Studio 15 (1537)
  • Studio 16
  • Studio 1735
  • Studio 1737
  • Studio XPS 16 (1645)
  • Studio XPS 16 (1647)
  • XPS 15 (L502x)
  • XPS 15z
  • XPS 17 (L702X)
  • XPS M1210
  • XPS M1330
  • XPS M1530
  • XPS M170
  • XPS M1710
  • XPS M2010


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Product Code461-10169spacer
Product Type Security cable
Features Tamper-proof, master keyed, ClickSafe locking mechanism

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